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With our SAM kits, it is very simple: screw them one by one on your structure by placing the right and left parts face to face, then insert the blades. The left kit is placed on the left when you have your back to the house (proposal of a drawing).

To avoid cutting your blades, count on a spacing of 2.035 m (length of the blade + thickness of the kit + operating clearance) between 2 sections for aluminum and 1.035 m for wood (+ drawing).

Note that the blades can be adapted to your existing structure by cutting them with a metal saw for aluminum and wood for wood blades. It is also possible to recut your kit with the hacksaw.

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The slats prevent rain, they limit the entry of water in closed position. In case of heavy rain, the blades may be susceptible to opening.

They are equipped with grooves allowing the collection and evacuation of rainwater towards the ends. To reduce this runoff, we offer gutters that collect and direct the water at the end of the pergola. The gutter is screwed to the structure, 6-7cm below the kit. It is recommended to make a slope of 1cm every meter. (see tuto to realize cheneau).

No, we only supply the covering part, to be placed on the structure. We leave you free to choose the material you wish to use for your structure (wood, metal, aluminum). For the choice of material and dimensions, you can ask a specialist in carpentry or metalwork.

For information:

  • Weight of the kit + aluminium blades: 12kg/m².
  • Weight kit + wooden slats : 8kg/m².

Yes, the kits can support other blades than ours but we still recommend to use the ones sold on our site. They have been tested with our materials and we know the quality and treatments.

Conditions to be met:




Maximum length

2000 mm

1000 mm


99 mm

95 mm


2 kg

0.650 kg


Woodwork quality: Douglas, Spruce, Red Cedar (exotic wood to be avoided)

Manual roof opening:

  • With rod and rotation plate: screw the plate on the2nd kit (7th blade) and on the side of the blade.

Mechanical roof opening:

  • With stirrup and winch: the opening is made by the rotation of the crank.

The manual opening of the windscreen/shutter:

The aluminum slats (18 or 20mm) are designed to fit together when closed (the surface is flat).

    For the wooden boards, they overlap.

The 18mm thick blades are preferred for vertical surfaces (windbreaks / privacy screens) for their aesthetics. They come with the optional noise seal to reduce the rattling noise when closing.

The 20mm thick slats are better suited for roof surfaces (pergola) since they are more robust. They have water collection channels to prevent rain.

For each type of blade, it is necessary to take the kit adapted to the thickness.

Payment is made in cash, by credit card or by bank transfer. Once your payment is received, we prepare the order and delivery.

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